about Dragon Tooth Art

paleontology, biology, anatomy, geology, geography, folklore and fantasy.

Dragon stories began in the remnants of dinosaur fossils discovered around the world and the ideas that grew from seeing the unknown. The place where stories and science meet to create hypothesis gives space for conversations about new ideas. I'm inspired by those ideas. Radical what-ifs that aren't real until I create them. I make fossil art focused around dragons and dinosaurs.

At Dragon Tooth Art, I make custom fossil replica sculpture using a 3D pen and printer. I present a specimen that is safe to handle allowing for greater understanding and fascination. My work is displayed in homes and museums. 

I make dragon skulls for fantastic display pieces and dinosaur fossils that educate and inspire. As a trained sculptor, I've taken on many subjects and work with a variety of mediums. 

Get creative! If you have a project in mind, please contact me and I'll gladly discuss your idea. I use professional 3D pens and printers to create reality out of dreams.

Email me at and we can start your custom project.

You can visit my Etsy store here.